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Artificial turf, also known as synthetic turf or fake grass, is a surface made of synthetic fibers designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass. It is typically used in sports fields, playgrounds, and landscaping. Its features are artificial and designed to look like grass, including its height, coloration, and textures.

It is a popular option now in homes, commercial landscapes, and sports. This type of turf is designed to be maintenance-free and weatherproof. With its artificial look, artificial turf can easily be transformed into a natural lawn by adding grass clippings. At Ruff N Tuff Turf, we offer artificial turf in various colors and styles to fit your needs.

Our team works hard to provide you with the best artificial turf in Irvine, CA. We also specialize in installing artificial turf that you can trust. With our years of experience, we will make sure your artificial turf is installed correctly and looks great.

Different Types Of Artificial Turf We Used

Here at Ruff N Tuff Turf, we use different artificial turf types to give you the perfect playing surface. Some artificial turf types are:

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Nylon Artificial Grass

Nylon turf is a type of artificial turf made from nylon fibers. It is commonly used in sports fields and playgrounds, as well as in landscaping and other outdoor applications. Nylon turf is known for its durability, resistance to wear and tear, and ability to mimic the look and feel of natural grass.



Polyethylene Artificial Grass

Polyethylene turf, also known as PE turf, is a type of artificial turf made from polyethylene fibers. It is a popular choice for sports fields and playgrounds, as well as for landscaping and other outdoor applications. Known for its high strength and durability.


Polypropylene Artificial Grass

Polypropylene Artificial Grass

Polypropylene turf, or PP turf, is a type of artificial turf made from polypropylene fibers. It is also a popular choice for sports fields and playgrounds, as well as for landscaping and other outdoor applications. Known for its low maintenance requirements and long lifespan.


Artificial Grass

Blended Turf

This artificial turf is made from a blend of fibers, such as nylon and polyethylene. It is more durable than polyethylene and polypropylene turf but also more expensive.


Artificial grass/Artificial turf

Infilled Turf

This artificial turf has a layer of infill material, such as rubber granules or sand, which is spread over the turf fibers to provide added stability and cushioning. Also known as rubberized turf, some players prefer infilled turf because of its soft feel and natural-looking appearance.


Third Generation Turf

This type of artificial turf is the most recent generation. It is designed to mimic natural grass with a realistic look and feel. It’s also made of a more durable and resistant material than the previous generations, which allows for a longer lifespan.


Our Artificial Turf Installation Steps

We’ll provide the steps of how we install artificial turf, ensuring everything is done correctly and to the best of our ability.


  • Measuring the Area 

    First, we need to measure the area where the turf will be installed. This will help us determine how much artificial turf we need and ensure that the turf is placed in a location conducive to its use.

  • Prepping the Area

    Next, we’ll need to prepare the area where artificial turf will be installed. This includes removing any existing grass and stones, leveling out any bumps or dips in the ground, and preparing drainage areas if necessary. We also recommend using an anti-slip coating on surfaces that may contact the artificial turf during operation.

  • Installing the Base Layer 

    Once the area is prepared, we’ll install the base layer of artificial turf. This will provide a platform for the turf to grow on and help prevent slippage or movement of the turf during use. Also, we’ll apply an anti-slip coating to the base layer before installation.

  • Laying the Turf 

    Now that the base layer is in place, we’ll lay the artificial turf. We’ll start by carefully measuring and cutting the turf to size, then use a needle roller to smooth out any bumps or seams. Finally, we’ll apply an anti-slip coating to the turf’s surface before installation.

  • Applying Border Strips

    Now that the artificial turf has been installed, it’s time to add some decorative touches! Our border strips mimic natural grass and provide a touch of realism for your stadium or arena.

  • Securing the Turf

    Now that the artificial turf is complete, it’s time to secure it. We use various techniques, including adhesive tape and nails, to ensure that the turf remains in place during use.

  • Brushing and Raking the Turf

    After installation, it’s essential to brush and rake the artificial turf to remove any debris or dust. This will help ensure that the turf is in perfect condition for use. Regular maintenance will make your artificial turf look great for years to come

Expert Synthetic Turf Installers Near Me

In Southern California, Ruff N Tuff Turf is the leading synthetic turf installer that provides artificial turf for any sport or recreational use. Our turf is the most realistic and durable, perfect for home and professional use. Ruff N Tuff artificial turf has revolutionized the industry with our unique synthetic grass products that last ten times longer than traditional athletic fields, giving you peace of mind that your fake lawn will be there long after your next outdoor sporting event is over. Plus, with our attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can trust that your new synthetic turf will look and feel like the real thing. 

Essential Tips For Maintaining Your Artificial Turf

When your artificial turf is installed, there are a few essential things you need to take care of to ensure it lasts. Here are some vital tips in artificial turf maintenance:

One way to ensure your artificial turf is in good shape is to regularly check it for damage and clean any dirt or debris that may be present. You can do this by using a vacuum cleaner or brush if needed.


One of the most important things you need to do when caring for artificial turf is to take care of the pads. Inspect them frequently for tears, holes, and excessive wear. If there are any issues with the pad, replace it as soon as possible.


Another way to keep your artificial turf in good shape is to vacuum it regularly. This will remove any debris and dust accumulated on the surface. By doing this, you will also help to keep the turf clean and free from allergens.


If there are any spots or stains on your artificial turf, try to remove them as soon as possible. This can be done using a wet cloth or sponge. Make sure to rinse the area thoroughly afterward to clean it completely.


If any areas of your artificial turf have become wet or muddy, you may need to use a hose or sprinkler to clean them. Make sure to maintain a consistent flow of water to avoid damaging the turf surface.


An approved cleaner can disinfect and clean artificial turf. Follow the instructions with the cleaner to ensure it is effective and safe for use on artificial turf. However, read the entire product before using it to familiarize yourself with its features.


Artificial turf should be completely dry before being placed back in use. This will help to prevent moisture and mold from forming. Also, avoid placing objects on the turf that will add additional moisture. This includes plants, water droplets, and tears on the surface.


Once a week, inspect your artificial turf for any signs of damage. This includes cuts, scrapes, and tears. If you notice any damage, take appropriate steps to fix it as soon as possible.


Artificial turf should be groomed every three to four months to keep it clean and free from debris. Use a broom or mop to remove any pieces of grass that have fallen off the surface.


Essential Tips For Maintaining Your Artificial Turf

At Ruff N Tuff Turf, we are proud to be the best artificial turf company in town. Our artificial turf is top-of-the-line, and our installation is always flawless. We have years of experience in the artificial turf industry, so you can rest assured that your new turf will look great and perform to your expectations. From small indoor spaces to giant stadiums, Ruff N Tuff Turf has the perfect artificial turf for you. We are there from installation to maintenance, so you can always trust us to take care of your new turf. With us, there’s no need to worry about artificial turf!


Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, artificial turf does not require a lot of maintenance. However, if you notice any patches or areas that are faded or in need of repair, please take appropriate action.


A: No, artificial turf can not be directly placed on dirt. It must be installed on a solid, stable foundation.


A: If you notice any areas that are faded or need repair, please take appropriate action.


A: Artificial turf should be placed in a shady area if it is used during hot summer days.


A: The best artificial grass for your needs depends on the intended use. Artificial grass designed for landscaping will be different from artificial grass designed for athletics. Consider the important features, such as the blade length, durability, and color, and find a turf that meets your needs.


A: Artificial turf can be installed over a concrete or asphalt basement slab.


A: No, there are no chemicals used in artificial turf. But, like any other type of grass, artificial turf will require water and fertilizer to keep it looking healthy.


A: Artificial turf should not be installed on an incline. Inclines can cause artificial turf to sag and eventually require replacement.


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