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Golf Putting Green

Golf Putting Green Irvine, CA

A golf putting green is a specialized golf course area where golfers can practice their putting stroke. Putting greens can range from small, flat surfaces to large, multi-tiered ones—the putting green aims to simulate grass breaks and slopes found on a real golf course. With the right technique, players can hone their skills and become confident in their putting strokes. Whether a beginner or a pro, a well-maintained putting green is the best place to practice and improve your game. Here at Ruff N Tuff Turf, we provide artificial turf in your Irvine, CA, area that is perfect for golf putting. With our green surface, you’ll have everything you need to practice your putting stroke and make putts like a pro. Our putting green is designed to help you achieve consistent results and put your game on the golf course ahead of your opponents.

How Artificial Turf Helps Putting Green Golfers?


Artificial turf is designed to have a consistent surface, which can help golfers improve their putting accuracy. It can help maintain smoothness while putting in and improve consistency over time, leading to more consistent swings.

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf does not require regular mowing, fertilizing, or watering, saving golf course managers time and money.


Artificial turf is designed to last many years, even with heavy use. This makes it a cost-effective option for golf courses. Moreover, because artificial turf is lighter than natural grass, it will not affect the performance of golfers using a putting green.

All-Weather Performance

Artificial turf can be played in any weather condition, making it a reliable option for golfers. It is also resistant to wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for golf courses that frequently host outdoor events.

Artificial grass/Artificial turf

Putting Green Installation Process


To lay green plastic turf, we must first excavate the area to be covered. Depending on the size of the putting green and type of turf desired, this process can range from a few dozen square feet up to several hundred yards.


To ensure even coverage and reduce divot potential, we batch putt surface installation by pouring a continuous layer of putt concrete over an already-mounted hole pattern or greenspace. This allows us to precisely fill small areas with a consistent thickness that minimizes divot formation and bristling grasses.


After installing the putting green plastic turf, we grade and contour it to match the surrounding landscape. This ensures that green is uniform from one end of the putting surface to the other while creating a smooth rolling putt surface.


To optimize water absorption and reduce maintenance needs, we install drainage systems at all joints and seams in the putting green plastic turf. This system allows rainwater to flow through the turf quickly and cleanly, reducing the chances of mosquito breeding or other environmental problems.

Turf installation

At last, we place the putting green synthetic turf on top of the putt concrete and grade it to create a smooth, rolling surface. This ensures that your golf course will look great for years to come.

Golf Putting Green Artificial Turf Installers Near Me

In Irvine and surrounding areas, Ruff N Tuff Turf artificial turf installing green is one of our most common services. With golfers of all levels and experience, artificial turf putting greens can give you that extra advantage on the green. Not only do they improve your putting game, but many golf courses also install synthetic turf for recreational players to enjoy. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, let us help put green installers near me to get you the perfect surface for your game. With the highest quality artificial turf, you can have an ideal practice just like real grass functions. Our putting skills are tested every time we install a putting green, so you can be sure that the quality of our turf is unmatched.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Synthetic grass is made of the same stuff as actual grass and has the same properties. Its low green height allows the ball to roll easily across the grass with minimal friction. Every golfer will appreciate the greens’ durability and lifespan.
A: Yes, synthetic turf greens require care and attention to keep them looking their best. Regular mowing and watering are essential if you want to prolong the life of a synthetic putting surface.
A: While the initial cost of a golf putting green might be higher than traditional greens, it will last much longer and require less maintenance. In the long run, you’ll be able to save money by opting for a synthetic putting surface.
A: While fake turf greens will only last for a short time as natural grass putting surfaces, they typically do not suffer from the same type of wear and tear. You will need to take care of them a bit more than traditional greens, but the expense is well worth it in the long run.

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